Things I Read This Week, Pt. 1

29 Jun 2014

The algebra of algebraic data types

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It is a series of articles about connection between algebra and data types. These posts extend the presentation author gave at London Haskell. As for me the first two parts are quite easy while the third is definitely the most interesting and mind-blowing. Thanks to it I was forced to look into the idea of Zippers again and I think that I finally understood it.

CPU Cache Essentials


Short post based on ideas of Scott Meyer's presentation about writing CPU cache aware code. Not that this post is reopening America, but it's worth reading once in a while as a reminder to yourself. BTW the presentation itself worth checking out. There is a list of interesting literature about how memory/CPU works at the end of presentation.

Google Material Design


Following recently started Google I/O event they launched site that contains a lot of guidelines and best practices for designers for upcoming Android L operating system. Despite of the world-wide design trend to minimize, simplify and "flatten" interfaces started with Windows Phone and then (poorly) supported by Apple, Google maintained pretty good and consistent design worth taking a look. Well, lets wait and see how they're going to actually implement their own rules.

Inside the Mirrortocracy


I'm not a big fan of "metaindustry" posts, but this one caught my attention because the problem it reveals sounds totally crazy to me. I thought that tech entrepreneurs have much more common sense to not base their decisions on how employee dresses and looks or how much he can drink on a party, but it seems that your score depends on these more than on your professional skills. I hope that this is a minor threat, but reading redditors' comments proves that I'm wrong (actually, that's why I posted here a link to reddit, comments there are totally worth reading).